The Daikin MC70LVM Air Purifier

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The Daikin MC70LVM features


  • 6-layer Filtration System
  • Stylish design with very low energy consumption of just 8W on Low Low speed
  • Super quiet operation - as low as 16dbA on auto low
  • Easy to maintain - indicator lights tell you when to change filters & clean the unit
  • Portable - lightweight at just 8.5kgs
  • Dimensions - HxWxD 576 x 403 x 241mm
  • No installation  required. Simply fit one of the 5 filters into the machine and switch on.
  • 3-year UK & Ireland Warranty

Daikin's latest air purifier, the MC70LVM with streamer technology and 6-stage filtration, is a great example. A blend of new technology, improved performance, and ultra quiet operation, it is designed to care for you by unobtrusively providing purified air to produce a healthy home environment.

Purified air improves the perception of comfort and, by removing and destroying contaminants and odours, the streamer technology air purifier also plays an essential role for those who suffer from asthma or allergies. These efforts place the streamer technology air purifier among the best residential air purifiers on the market today.

Full infra-red remote control of all functions.
Suitable for areas up to 46m2

Price UK £345 inc vat & next working day delivery within the UK for orders received prior to 1pm
Price includes 5 Filters
enough for 10-years use under normal use. *

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*4 Based on ten cigarettes being smoked per day. (Calculation based on testing method of Japan Electrical Manufacturers Association JEM1467 standard.) The unit is unable to decompose all harmful substances such as carbon monoxide found in cigarette smoke. Two years as the replacement period for the pleated filter is given as a guide. This may differ depending on how and where the product is used. The replacement period will become shorter if it is used in a place where there are a lot of pollutants in the air.