New Daikin MC55VB Air Purifier
The NEW Daikin MC55VB Air Purifier

Daikin MC55VB Air Purifier

For more than 80 years, Daikin have been the leaders in energy-efficient climate control solutions. Their world renowned products are easy to use, incorporate the latest technologies with respect to the environment.

But most importantly, they care for you and provide you with superior comfort. The Daikin MC55VB

✔ Description Dust (PM2.5/dust) and odour sensor lamps
✔ Streamer discharge
✔ Active plasma ion
✔ Electrostatic HEPA filters
✔ Streamer regenerated deodorizing filter
✔ Econo mode
✔ Auto fan mode
✔ Anti-pollen mode
✔ Turbo mode
✔ Child proof lock
✔ Brightness adjustment
✔ Auto restart after power failure
✔ Stabilizer free
✔ Pure air thanks to air purification technologies
✔ Catches fine particles of dust
✔ Powerful suction and whisper quiet
✔ New stylish and compact design
✔ Dimensions - HxWxD 500 x 270 x 270mm
✔ Weight - 6.8kgs

Outstanding performance, economy, sound levels and reliability. Filter replacement required every 10-years


Price UK £379 inc delivery UK & Ireland - In Stock

Daikin MC55 Leaflet - Daikin MC55 Brochure & Streamer Technology - Daikin MC55 Operation Manual

Reasons to Buy a Daikin MC55VB Air Purifier


There are so many particles in the air, many of which are natural and generally harmless while others are chemical contaminants, allergens & viruses, that we no longer enjoy the health benefits of clean air. It is essential, therefore, to remove and destroy the chemical contaminants and any allergens or viruses present as these have a direct negative impact on health and can trigger or aggravate asthma and allergic reactions.

Air purifiers are designed to do this efficiently and effectively and to produce clean air that it is, once again, fit to breath. At the same time, they filter out the particles that produce odours, ‘decomposes’ them, and thus eliminate residual and unwanted smells. By removing the unwanted and potentially dangerous particles, the air purifier is directly contributing to the creation of an enhanced and healthy residential environment.

Allergens are impurities in the air that can bring on an allergic reaction. In an urban environment, a mixture of these allergens with other impurities present in the air – called adjuvant substances – such as Diesel Exhaust Particles (DEP’s) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) present in some building materials and cosmetics, can produce heavy allergens. These in turn have increased negative health effects such as aggravated breathing symptoms and the triggering of latent allergies.

99.9% of airborne viruses safely destroyed.

The Daikin MC55VB also comes with a UK & Ireland 1-year warranty